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Closing Costs Calculator

Please use the calculator below to determine the estimated title fees and transfer/recordation charges for your purchase or refinance.  Complete the fields below (reference # and property address are optional). 

For the tax criteria regarding Maryland properties, please check "yes" as a first-time homebuyer if you have never owned property in the state of Maryland.  To be considered "Owner Occupant" you must intend to occupy the property for at least 7 out of the 12 months following the purchase.  Check "yes" for question 3 and "no" for question 4 if the property is not a vacant lot. 

For transactions in Washington DC, check "yes" for both tax criteria questions if this is a residential property.

This calculator provides an estimate of your title fees and transfer/recordation charges.  For a guaranteed quote on a pre HUD-1 Settlement Statement, please send email request to: or call 301-610-7777.  Rates for short sales or foreclosures sales are slightly higher.  Reissue rates for title insurance will apply when applicable.   Others fees may apply for additional services such as preparation of power of attorney, extra deeds, 2nd mortgage payoffs, or subordination requests.

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